Hello, I'm Ray.


Over the past 20 years, I’ve either been designing digital experiences or teaching design. Currently, I’m a UX Lead on the Web & Platform team at HashiCorp.

Old portrait of Ray Elder.
Photo credit: John Rees

Previously, I helped define and design digital experiences for Merkle DX (formerly Axis41). Before that, I was a design manager at IBM Design in Dublin, Ireland working on talent management software.

I’m always open to remote opportunities working from the Republic of Ireland.

Career Highlights

Companies I’ve worked with:

  • HashiCorp
  • KPMG Advisory
  • IBM Design
  • McKinsey & Company

Universities I’ve taught at:

  • Brigham Young University


    Assistant Professor of Graphic Design


    Assistant Professor of Interaction Design

  • Utah Valley University


    Assistant Professor of Graphic Design